Data Privacy for Mobile

Sentry collects only the data that you configure to be sent to Sentry. This is typically the occurrence of software bugs (Errors) or API calls, page loads, or similar requests and responses from your apps (Transactions).

Data collected by Sentry does not, by default, include any PII. However, you can augment the data sent to Sentry with additional context and metadata, including user names, email addresses, or by attaching files such as logs or crash reports.

Sentry processes the data you send to it to provide our application monitoring service to you.

Yes, Sentry is a third-party partner whose code (SDKs) you integrate in your app that collects data from users of your app.

You would need to disclose all types of data you are collecting through your app, including data you are sending to Sentry. In the example above, this could include “Contact Info” or “Identifiers”, but don’t forget to include any other categories of data that you are collecting or have configured the SDKs to send to Sentry.

The standard data use cases for Sentry would be “Analytics” and “AppFunctionality”, but you would also need to disclose to Apple any other ways in which you or your app use data you are collecting.

Sentry does not use your data to track users. However, if you or your other third-party partners are tracking users, you would still need to disclose this to Apple.

No. Sentry doesn't require IDFA.

By default, Sentry does not collect any PII from children. However, if your app is targeted to children and you configure Sentry to collect PII, then Sentry would collect the elements that you’ve designated. You would remain responsible for obtaining any appropriate parental consents with respect to the PII you collect from your users and subsequently send to Sentry. You would also remain responsible for declaring your app’s target age group to Google Play.

No. Sentry does not cause your app to contain any ads.

You would need to disclose and/or include in your app privacy policy all types of data you are collecting through your app, including data you are sending to Sentry.

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